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Cruise Description

In collaboration with National Geographic Expeditions.

Set sail for the wild and grandiose landscapes of Kimberley, following this exceptional PONANT itinerary.

From Darwin to Broome, embark for an 11-day expedition cruise.

In one of the most picturesque parts of the region, the Hunter River, you will see wild mangrove forests where saltwater crocodiles live along with many species of birds.

The highpoint of this cruise will undoubtedly be the discovery of the King George River and the majestic Twin Falls, the highest falls in Western Australia.

You will also visit Collier Bay, where you will be able to admire the Montgomery Reef, home to vast expanses of lagoons and immense coral reefs.

Your ship will take you along one of the most spectacular coasts in the entire region.

With their falls, abrupt gorges, savannah, calm waters and desolate mountain chains, the wild lands of Kimberley are the promise of an exceptional adventure.

This itinerary is given as an indication only. Based on tide times and weather conditions, the Captain and the Expedition Leader may need to switch the order of certain ports of call around to ensure guests have the best possible experience.

Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
05/09/22 Darwin, NT, Australia 5:00 PM
06/09/22 Pulau Meatimiarang, Indonesia
07/09/22 Wyndham, Western Australia
08/09/22 King George River, Western Australia
09/09/22 Vansittart Bay, Western Australia
10/09/22 Swift Bay
11/09/22 Hunter River, West Australia
12/09/22 Collier Bay, Western Australia
13/09/22 Collier Bay, Western Australia
14/09/22 Lacepede Islands, Western Australia
15/09/22 Broome, W A 7:00 AM
Itinerary may vary by sailing date and itineraries may be changed at the cruise lines discretion. Please check itinerary details at time of booking and before booking other travel services such as airline tickets.

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