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Cruise Description

Succumb to the charms of an all-new expedition cruise discovering the treasures of New Zealand, between ancestral cities with their longstanding Māori traditions and the preserved nature and captivating landscapes of the Chatham Islands. You will set sail for 10 days aboard Le Lapérouse in search of these treasures that have forged the reputation and the charm of New Zealand.

From Lyttelton to Auckland, surrounded by the blue waters of the Pacific, the twin islands of New Zealand are the promise of an incredible mosaic of contrasting panoramas. For the journey’s first port of call, Le Lapérouse will sail to the rocky peninsula of Kaikoura where you will have the privilege of admiring New Zealand’s rich biodiversity.

Heading east, the Chatham Islands will appear to you, adding new breathtaking landscapes to your expedition, from isolated beaches to sheer ochre-coloured cliffs covered in verdant nature. The 80-million-years-old archipelago is comprised of 10 islands that boast various endemic species of birds and plant that you will be able to see, guided by your team of passionate expedition experts.

On the east coast of North Island, Napier unfolds before you, revealing its treasures in a unique architectural style where the sleek lines of Art Deco buildings mingle with traditional Māori patterns.

Following the warm and translucent waters of the South Pacific Ocean, Le Lapérouse will sail towards Gisborne. The first city on Earth to see the sun rise each day, it is distinguished by its enchanting environment of sandy strips and subtropical forest. Here you will learn about Māori culture and local history and will be invited to taste some of the products of this rich farming region, renowned in particular for its Chardonnay.

From Tauranga, you will be able to explore many treasures: volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, rivers and gorges, and lakes that range in colour from deep blue to orange-tinged. Sailing through the warm waters of the South Pacific, you will reach Auckland, the last port of call of this enchanting journey.

Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
07/01/23 Christchurch (Lyttelton), New Zealand 5:00 PM
08/01/23 Kaikoura, New Zealand
09/01/23 At sea - -
10/01/23 Chatham Islands
11/01/23 Chatham Islands
12/01/23 At sea - -
13/01/23 Napier, New Zealand
14/01/23 Gisborne, New Zealand
15/01/23 Tauranga, New Zealand
16/01/23 Auckland, New Zealand 7:00 AM
Itinerary may vary by sailing date and itineraries may be changed at the cruise lines discretion. Please check itinerary details at time of booking and before booking other travel services such as airline tickets.

Available Sailing Dates